Why didn’t anybody tell me that Danny basically proposed to Sam at the end of Danny Phantom???!! This is important information!!!

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First of all, please don’t judge me; I live in the same house as a toddler and Disney Junior is on like 16 hours out of the day.

But secondly: All I can hear at :21-:34 is Bdubs. Please tell me I’m not crazy? (I realize it’s not him but man does it sound like it.)

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Anyway, I think that’s going to be it. It’s probably going to be a short episode, but um these kind of episodes (pause) with these kind of episodes and like caving episodes I like to keep them short. Because peoples attention (pause and chuckle) Their attention spans aren’t the greatest. I’d like to hear your ideas though and if you’d like this, I hope you like this. I kind of really do like it, but see this…this is wrong, this should be a slab. Of cobble. Just to fit in with the rest of the yeah. There we go. That makes me feel better. Oh! This too! What the heck am I thinking? This needs to also be…Oh and this! Oh my gosh! I’m not done yet guys. Uh anyway as I was saying with the building episodes and with like caving episodes you kind of have to keep it short. Because peoples attention spans aren’t…the greatest. That….does that look alright?

—VintageBeef on Attention Spans (Beef Plays Minecraft - Mindcrack Server - S3 EP123 - Bridge-Stair Thing)
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should I call the cops???

how did they even get there???

how many homos is a bucket of homos???

I dunno man this sounds sketchy

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