holy mother of god

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nsfw - kinda - I really like the purple glitter picture idk - photography -


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poor Seamus haha - hp -





"Facial-recognition technology is quickly becoming a mainstay of commercial and government surveillance systems. While it can provide benefits in automation and security, it is also a threat to privacy. Sophisticated algorithms can already extract information about your gender, age and even mood from a single image, and then link those physical attributes to commercial or government databases."
-Face to Anti-Face

The most cyberpunk post on this website, possibly ever. 

For future reference.

the cyber revolution is literally coming upon us

shadowrun fashion suddenly makes so much sense

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okay but they're not gonna catch the person with crazy hair?? -


Hey, so I had a bunch of FOB doodles chilling out on my computer so i decided to throw a few of them together.

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cuties - fob -

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